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About Apple Mac Data Recovery: London

About: At Apple Mac Data Recovery: London, we pride ourselves on setting the goal for data recovery technology in the UK. We understand that each data recovery project we undertake is as critical as the last and our continued success is passed on exclusively to our valued clients. Call us


We specialise in the successful recovery and restoration of lost or missing data that has been made inaccessible due to failed hard drives, flash drives, solid state drives, memory cards and much
much more. If you need  data recovery services for any model of Apple Mac computer or storage device regardless of the make, model or type of failure, you can be assured that Apple Mac Data Recovery: London is the safest, most effective solution available in the capital. Call us

We are Mac experts…

We specialise in recovering data from Apple Mac computers because we are experts with more than 25 years experience in retrieving missing files from crashed hard drives and other storage media. Book your Mac in now with total peace of mind:


The two types of device failures:

Logical failures of SSD drives are uncommon but not impossible. In most cases logical errors in solid state drives are related to an electrical problem such as an incorrect power supply, a power surge or some other electrical error. SSD data recovery may also be required in the event that a user error causes the drive to fail, including the inadvertent admission of a malicious virus, program or malware, or when a user mistakenly deletes valuable information.

Physical failure typically means that all or most of the data on a device is intact, but the actual components and systems used to retrieve or access the data are broken or non-existent. This means that a physical solution must be applied that includes repairing the device to a usable state and the using state of the art technology and analytical equipment in order to properly extract the data for secure storage on a working device. SSD data recovery for a physical drive failure can be related to direct damage to the device such as: compressing it; extreme temperatures or humidity; or exposing the device to water, beverages, food items, dirt, and other debris and contaminants.